Montag, 27. Juli 2020

There are good people everywhere

My (Bad) ;-) Englisch-Version for my English-speaking friends

I want to tell a story today. A story that touched me a lot. Touched positively.

This story is more interesting if you tell it from behind. So the end first.

I was in the car with my dog. He is old and can no longer walk as far as before. Not in the heat anyway. So I usually go with him to our favorite river and let him bathe first until he has cooled down enough that he can walk.

When I stopped in the parking, another car stopped next to me. I had already noticed that on the street. He drove behind me all the time as if he was chasing me. The window went down. Two men, about forty years old, were sitting in it. I have a good eye for my ex-countrymen from the Balkans. They were Albanians - I was sure. And promptly followed in broken German "Excuse me, may I ask something?"

I look at her in surprise. Are the Albanians already bothering older women?

"Yes?" My answer came slowly.

The man on the side closer to me was holding a brown leather wallet. That seemed familiar to me. Who has such a wallet, I wondered. He pulled an identity card out of it and held it out to me.

"You know this man?" He asked.

The blood stopped in my veins for a moment. That was the identity card of Richard, my husband!

"Where did you get it from?" I asked, startled. But before I said it, I realized what had happened.

Ten minutes earlier I opened the door of my car in the garage at home and kept the passenger side wide open so my old dog could get in better. At the same time, I noticed that my husband left his wallet in the car when he went shopping. Always the same, I got upset. Why doesn't he take it in his pocket? I was afraid that he would go shopping with our other car and have no money with him - as it already happened to him. So I picked the wallet up with the intention of putting it on the table in the kitchen. But the dog couldn't get into the car alone, so I put the wallet on the roof of the car to help him with both hands. At that moment I wondered if it was smart to put it on the roof. Hopefully I will think of it and don't just drive off.

And now I knew that I hadn't thought about it anymore, just started driving. I drove on the street with my wallet on the roof for ten minutes. When I had to press hard on the accelerator after a stop, it happened.

"Where did it fall off?" I asked.

"At LIDL," replied the man.

Just like I thought. After the stop.

"I don't know how to thank you!" I said, moved. «It's so nice of you! Thank you a thousand times!"

"No problem!" He said. «You might go to LIDL again, maybe something on the ground. I don't have time to look. A lot of cars. I just get out quickly, take it and drive off again. »

"Yes I will do that. Thank you!"

I looked into the wallet. There were only 40 francs inside. But I was so happy that we didn't have to block all credit cards. Each block and a new card costs time and money. So I took 10 francs and gave it to him.

"No certainly not!" He fended off.

"But it means a lot to me that you brought it to me!"

"No! You don't have to give anything! »

"Yes," I replied, pressing the note into his hand. "It's normal to give a finder reward."

I don't know how many times I thanked the men until they said goodbye and left.

"There are still good people!", I thought and started my walk with the dog with a pleasant feeling. "No matter whether Swiss or Foreigners."

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