Mittwoch, 18. März 2020

My trip to Los Angeles in the Corona era

The day 1

After my short trip to LA (4 days) I decided to spend the rest of my vacation in a 14-day voluntary isolation. Why?

Before I tell the story, I want to describe my isolation. Richard and I have an Motorhome. It is right in front of our house. It is is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, bedroom, living room. There is also a gas heater. Our house has several entrances. One is behind the house and leads directly into the laundry room. There I can fetch water or dispose of the wastewater without having any contact with anything from the rest of the house. Once a day I walk with my dog Lennon in the forest. He needs it and so do I. I avoid people. When we are back, Lennon doesn't really understand why I let him into the garage and immediately disappear. My husband cooks for me as usual. We have put a table next to the motorhome entrance. He puts the food there and when he's gone, I open the door and take it. I do the washing myself and keep all the plates here. We have enough dishes. In the fridge I have some sweets and a few bottles of white wine, after all I'm on vacation. And alcohol is part of vacation. There was meat soup for lunch today and my favorite spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. We took the aperitif together - by video conference. We clink glasses over the camera. The first night I slept wonderfully! I had been traveling for 30 hours before, not knowing if I could reach my home. In the afternoon I had a siesta again. Isolation also has advantages - you suddenly have time.

And now to my story:

I don't feel sick, but in the past 4 days I've had more social contacts than I usually have in a year. There were also some coughing and sneezing Asians with masks flying to LA. For 12 hours. In LA my friend Alejandro picked me up at the airport. He was the reason why I chose this trip despite the uncertain situation. He celebrated his 60th birthday and I wanted to be there. The Puritans among you are probably wondering why a married woman flies over the ocean to attend another man's birthday? Imagine men and women can actually be real friends! Without ulterior motives. It really does exist! The secret of who Alejandro is and how this friendship came about will be revealed later.

So when Alejandro and I drove to my hotel in his car, he coughed a little.

"Did you cough?" I asked, worried.

"It's nothing!" He said.

"Do you think it's good to have the party?" I asked.

"Why not?" He paused. "The weather should get better."

The weather forecasts were not what you would expect in LA. But they weren't what reassured me.

"I don't mean because of the weather."

"Why then?"

"Because of the Corona!"

"Oh," he waved, "this is a family celebration!"

I looked at him. He was joking I thought. But no, he was serious.

"Do not worry!" He laughed mischievously. «It's all panic! It's flu and no more. »

"OK," I thought. "You can have your opinion, but I will keep my distance."

So it was thought. But it turned out quite differently…

I invited Alejandro for dinner in the bar of my hotel. Thanks for picking me up. I asked him to order something Mexican. He ordered nachos and jalapenos. And then it was over with “social distance”. You ate the food with your fingers, from the same plate!

I admit that a hypochondriac like me cannot control his fear of infection as well. But I like Alejandro and didn't want to offend him. So I disinfected my hands with a disinfectant that I had with me and ate with him from the same plate. I drank two Prosecco - as an internal disinfection. It also made me don't care anymore if I got Corona.

The sequel will follow tomorrow ...

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